• Saskia's new feedback

    " Hallo Andrea, ich möchte mich ganz herzlich für das tolle Date mit Saskia bedanken. Wir hatten wirklich eine tolle Zeit. Sie kam trotz ihres Fluges und Flughafentransfers pünktlich im Hotel an, war völlig entspannt, gut gelaunt und hat vom ersten Moment an Erotik versprüht. Nach einem kurzem Kennenlernen haben wir gemeinsam das Restaurant des Hotels erkundet. Ganz besonders der Ruinart hat uns gut gemundet und leicht erheitert sind wir spontan schwimmen gegangen. Die Sauna war leider nicht mehr geöffnet aber wir waren die einzigen Gäste im Hallenbad und haben die Zeit gut genutzt. Besonders gut hat mir an Saskia gefallen, dass sie nicht schon früh ins Bett wollte, sondern mit mir bis in die Morgenstunden durchgehalten hat. So ein Sonnenaufgang im Bett bleibt einem noch lange in Erinnerung. Ein tolles Date mit einer wahnsinnig sympathischen Frau. Vielen Dank und Grüße aus Wien, M "

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  • Serena's new feedback

    " Moin Andrea, wie geht’s dir? Mein Date mit Serena war Spitzenklasse. Du hast nicht übertrieben, sie ist eine Granate in jeglicher Hinsicht und sie kommt mit jeder Situation klar. Kannst du dir vorstellen, dass sie einfach kein Taxi bekommen hat. Anstatt zu meckern, ist sie mit ihren Overknee Stiefeln durch die halbe Stadt gestelzt und hat sich noch gefreut, dass sie an die frische Luft kommt. Serena ist eine Traumfrau, beim Essen eine unterhaltsame Begleitung und im Privaten höchst zufriedenstellend. Wir haben beschlossen, dass wir uns bei nächster Gelegenheit wiedersehen wollen. Da sie mir Eden wärmstens empfohlen hat, habe ich großes Interesse an einem DUO. Kannst du die Beiden zusammen empfehlen? Gruß L   "

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  • Josie's new feedback

    " Dear Andrea & Josie, thank you so much for such a great date. I just landed back home and I had plenty time during my flight to dream about it again. Josie really is a one in a million lady and hard to find in Amsterdam. Fully natural in a business where most is fake, those long legs and her pleasing attitude made it special. I regret, not to plan more time in advance with her but we will for sure repeat this nice experience as soon I am back in Europe. Josie, please stay exactly the way you are and Andrea, don’t ever change your way of communication. You are a ray of sunshine for me and many others. It was my pleasure to finally meet you again during MEDICA. Don’t forget to send me all the pictures. Until next time, J. "

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  • Eden - New Amorette in Amsterdam

    Welcome to paradise. You have never been there? Eden will make sure you land soft in your next Amorette adventure :-)

    She is uncomplicated, flexible and easy to meet in Amsterdam/Brussels/Dusseldorf and anywhere else.

    Eden will for sure turn heads with her long honey blonde hair and unique blue eyes. Her silky smooth skin complete her bombshell look. Her curves are amazing and they are real.

    But that is not all, because she also is bubbly, adorable, easy to talk to, very intelligent and we would be surprised if you don't get lost in her decoltee. *g*

  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween

    Dear clients and ladies, we wish you a very Happy Halloween! If you are attending our famous Halloween Party this weekend, you already received all your information via AGC and personalized Email.

    What else is new? Eden arrived on Saturday for her shooting and can't wait to be online and meet you all.

    Have a great week everyone!
    Love, Andrea

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  • Serena's new pictures!

    Dear Gentlemen, for weeks you have been telling me, that Serena is so much more beautiful, than on her images.

    To do her justice, please admire her new pictures. Of course our AGC members can enjoy all her new images and videos.

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  • Serena's new feedback

    "Dear Andrea, many thanks for your email and thx for setting up the date with Serena. She is an exceptional young lady. Very good social skills and easy to talk to and find topics of common interest. Regarding her service I would rank her top in your team. I liked her a lot. With respect to the AGC side. I could not find your new logins in the email. In any case I do wish you a great start into the week and thx again for your support. Best, H."

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  • Ivy's new beach pictures

    Ivy is spoiling us today by taking us to the beach. Who needs clothes when nobody is around ;-) This perfect and classy blonde is totally uncomplicated and very sexy in her own way.

    Ivy will join our shooting next week and could accept dates in Germany until 25.10.2022, after you can catch her in Madrid.

    This young model is constantly traveling and you can meet her, when she is. Would you like to be informed?

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  • Shooting

    Shooting and News


    Last week we enjoyed more event then shooting, but I am very happy we did. Otherwise I would not have got to know you guys and it was a blast. Thank you for my early birthday celebration and for all your kind presents. I really appreciate you all!

    This time I have to focus on getting things done, so I am very happy to meet my ladies for a long October shooting. Again. During our shooting days, they are not available to date, but before and after anything is possible.

    I am so happy to introduce stunning new ladies to our team. Our honored AGC Members can already enjoy our updated models pages starting today.

    What else is new? We will start posting feedbacks, new videos and much more exciting stuff. Would you like to take part in our Amorette Adventure? Become a valued member of the AGC!

  • Kaia's new feedback

    "Andrea, thank you for insisting to book Kaia. You are right, she is everything you announced and more. This perfect skin and natural curves. It was a good idea to take her to the Spa and I was very happy, it was so empty. We enjoyed a relaxed 24 hours and she made me feel like being this young student again. We laughed and we enjoyed every bit of our date. She is so slim but she can eat. It is nice to see a slim model enjoying food and not only picking in salads. We already planned our next getaway together for end of November. I want to show her a bit more of Zurich this time. Thank you for making it happen and for your flawless service. xx R"

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  • Serena - 24 hours in Milano

    "I just returned after my first meeting with Serena in Milano. She is everything you described and more. It is refreshing to meet a lady with such an ambition, classy but decent, down to earth but dazzling and beaming with joy from dusk til dawn. I really felt like with my girlfriend and I already miss our nice conversations, but even more the breaks filled with passion and lots of love. She is a GEM, please keep her around for longer. I definitely want to meet her again when I am back to Europe next month. Thank you Andrea, always a great pleasure doing business with you. Regards, Dr. C"

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  • Shooting

    Shooting Event

    🥂 AMORETTE DINNER & DATE...Elite Dating in 2022. 🥂

    We actually only wanted to shoot this time, but we changed our plans at short notice to enable all gentlemen to make spontaneous date requests. We have big plans and start with a wine tasting with a magnificent view. After that, we should all be in good spirits to start the strip poker shoot.

    Please understand that I won't be back in the office until Tuesday. Before that, I have my hands full, shooting and filming a lot in order to continue to spoil you with our creative content.

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  • Kaia's new Shooting

    Kaia loves playing with the camera. We don't want to withhold her latest pictures from the shoot in LA Jordan.

    Kaia has dream measurements and spoiled us looking super sexy in her beloved jeans. Of course we also shot underwear and since she's not that good at poker, we quickly undressed her ;-)

    I bet you would have loved to bee there. Why not next time? Enjoy looking at her latest portfolio. One thing is certain. Our rough diamond is slowly getting its finishing touches.

  • Madison re-located to Dubai

    Dubai is famous for its contemporary sightseeing attractions, but this city has many cultural highlights and things to do, as well as all the glamorous modern add-ons. So what makes Dubai the best? There is a number of reasons as to why Dubai is regarded as one of the best cities in the world. This is thanks to its unique architecture, multicultural environments, overseas property demand and top tourist attractions. Starting today it has its own new attraction, the lovely Miss MADISON. She is a young enterpreneur, building her own empire and while waiting on Mr. Perfect, she is available for dinner dates.

  • Serena - New Amorette in Munich

    We love Munich. Especially during Oktoberfest celebration. But also all other attractions make this city such a thrilling visit, from its outstanding art museum, Viktualienmarkt, Frauenkirche, Nymphenburg Palace and so many more. Today Munich has one attraction more. Serena, our newest model is another highlight. Perfect for dinner dates and longer vacations, she is the typical german lady you always wanted to meet. She is not only beautiful, but also very smart, highly educated with a bubbly personality and has the most adorable smile. You want to visit one of the many Munich highlights with her or to invite her to your town?

  • Bonnie

    Everyone loves Bonnie and it's no wonder. This young lady not only looks like a Bond girl, she flies herself, founded her first own company, is fun for everyone and one of our most sought-after models.

    Since she puts her heart and soul into building her brand, she will only be temporarily bookable in Hamburg. Please take into account that she needs a longer lead time to be able to go on a date.

    In exceptional cases, her fans can book a weekend for overnight dates in Europe. I look forward to arranging first class dates for you.

  • Kaia - New Amorette in Berlin

    What a pleasure to feature this lovely german topmodel. Her natural grace is simply outstanding. This fresh faced Beauty just turned 21 and is ready to explore all her options to find her place in this world. She is really cute and the perfect lady for anything you have in mind. Dinner date in one of the famous Berlin restaurants? Definitely. Overnight in one of the european capitals? Absolutely. Kaia is ready for anything and anyone nice. You prefer to meet her in Leipzig or Dresden? Also an excellent idea. Kaia is the sweet and gorgeous lady every client wants to meet.

  • Madison's latest shooting

    It's shooting time again in Germany and Madison was first in line. We picked a few very fantastic outfits and she especially loved all the micro bikinis. You are an AGC member and have a special wish for our next shooting? Please don't be shy and simply tell me your wishes. It is my job to make them come true. Enjoy the new pictures and be ready for more very soon.

  • Saskia - New Amorette in Berlin

    Berlin, the capital city of Germany, has an exceptional range of landmarks, vibrant cultural scene and way of life that's somehow all go yet relaxed. In fact, the city is best known for its striking contrasts. Historical buildings stand alongside modern architecture as the past and present intermingle. some of the best museums and galleries in Europe, three opera houses and the largest variety theatre in the world are located there. It has neighbourhood squares lined with cafes and people enjoying life. Saskia is another highlight in Berlin. With her full natural figure, radiant smile and vibrant personality, she will make your stay even more exciting.

  • Ivy - New Amorette in Spain

    How about Marbella? It has so much to offer and it is a lovely vacay spot. When you walk towards the sea and enjoy Avenida del Mar, it will feel like summer. Especially if you have Ivy by your side to enjoy 10 sculptures of Salvador Dali or to eat something in one of the terraces. Ivy highly recommends visiting La Taberna de Santiago. With Ivy you will always have an amazing time and she can arrange your trip fluent in several languages. She is kind of unique in her own way. A real classy blonde with remarkable blue eyes and a body she is working hard for every day in the gym. Ivy is very flexible. No destination too far. She is ready to turn your life a little upside down in a good way. What a delight!

  • Positano Event

    🥂 AMORETTE DINNER & DATE...Elite Dating in 2022. 🥂 👯‍♀️ Swipe through to see, what you are missing 👯‍♀️ 🎯 You want to join our events? Join the AGC! 🎯

  • Cap Martin Event

    🥂 AMORETTE DINNER & DATE...Elite Dating in 2022. 🥂 👯‍♀️ Swipe through to see, what you are missing 👯‍♀️ 🎯 You want to join our events? Join the AGC! 🎯

  • Cala LLamp Event

    Cala LLamp Event

    🥂 AMORETTE DINNER & DATE...Elite Dating in 2022. 🥂 👯‍♀️ Swipe through to see, what you are missing 👯‍♀️ 🎯 You want to join our events? Join the AGC! 🎯

  • Florence Event

    🥂 AMORETTE DINNER & DATE...Elite Dating in 2022. 🥂 👯‍♀️ Swipe through to see, what you are missing 👯‍♀️ 🎯 You want to join our events? Join the AGC! 🎯

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