You ask. We answer.

Elite Dating is so much more than an escort. We take the time to introduce you to great models who are not only beautiful, but exceptional. All international models have a university degree and are multilingual.

Because I am the Matchmaker in the market since 2006. I started my early career in pharma marketing and advertising with focus on big events. This made it easy to do the next step: Amorette. We grew, we changed and we developed and we are only getting better. More experienced and with alot of love, model management, travel management, customer service, event management, branding & advertising and all we offer.

Being CEO of Amorette International means exactitude and a relentless quest for perfection. Our clients are high level individuals with limited time and high expectations. Everything has to be perfect and in a high class setting. The biggest part is knowing your staff.

My job as the owner of a luxury event and elite management company is fascinating. Every day is very different, from managing my team , meeting with top-notch vendors, exploring new event venues, booking flights, hotels and taking care of my own marketing. I love my job and it shows.

I know all my ladies personally. I do not just meet them for a 2 hour Casting, I invite them to different locations, to join the team for photo shootings. Having them in front of my camera for days and spending time with them before and after shooting, lets me really get to know them. That’s why I am not only casting all Amorette ladies myself, I am spending time with them during our shootings or events. Even when they are based many hours apart, I always find a way.

What you see is what you get! I have been producing my own advertising material since 2008. I share authentic pictures and videos with my clients. Every Amorette joining has a free shooting to produce advertising material for her portfolio. To keep interest on our ladies, we also shoot regularly as a team in nice locations and 5 star hotels. Lately we also started creating small video sequences, because our clients love them.

The Amorette Dinner & Date comes in all shapes. We can arrange this for just one couple, for DUO dates, or even a bigger party. They are all special and tailor-made and arranged according to our clients wishes. You want 5 star experience all the way? You get it!

This depends on you. During our events, we also offer a social service, where you have a lovely lady at your side from sunrise to dawn. She will be beautiful, entertaining, educated and bubbly. You just spend your nights alone.

Or you book the full-service including escort service which means 24/7 focus on you! We also aim high and will try to match you with your perfect lady, so that both, social and private time, will be exactly as you wish.

Of course you can. We are fully transparent when it comes to your money. We will make you a detailed offer with different options and once you decided your dream package, we prepare your invoice B2B.

Once your booking is complete, we will delete all details, emails and any information that you may later associate with a date to ensure maximum privacy.

As Managing Director of Amorette International, I am your direct and competent contact for all your needs. I value a transparent and fair way of working and look forward to supporting you in your Amorette adventure.