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All you do is make choices. Starting here, everything is designed for your pleasure individually.
You simply tell us your wishes and preferences and we take care of everything else.

You have your private role book ready?

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We can assure you it will feel 100% real.

If you can’t tell the difference between a girlfriend and an Amorette GFE, we’ve found the perfect companion for you.

Dinner date

Top-class gastronomy, exquisite drinks. Entertaining conversations with a pretty model who will wrap you around her finger with ease and only has eyes for you. At a Amorette Dinner & Date is erotic atmosphere in the air. How the evening ends is entirely up to you.

Escort service

Do you want to escape your everyday life and spend an entertaining evening with an erotic escort? Whether in the theater, concert or museum. At Amorette you will find the perfect companion for every occasion.

Couples service

Have you been dreaming of a menage-à-troi with your partner for a long time and finally want to make it a reality? Amorette models are true seductresses at the highest level.


Amorette specializes in the famous GFE. Do you want a partner at eye level who gives you a feeling of closeness in an uncomplicated way? Gentle touches, amorous glances and passion to order? At Amorette you will find models who love to play with fire.

Business support

Would you like to be accompanied to a customer meeting, business dinner or other event? Amorette models are not only beautiful to look at, but also impress with their education and self-confident appearance. Simply the perfect accompaniment for any occasion.

Travel companion

No matter where you are planning your next vacation, our travel-loving ladies will be happy to accompany you on request. Are you dreaming of eroticism on the beach or in the sauna after skiing? Amorette models provide moments that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Duo Date

If one model is not enough, we have the perfect solution? You simply book two or as many as you wish. Amorette escort ladies are not shy. Do you prefer to just watch? Communicate your wishes and we will turn them into reality. Sensual and pleasurable.

Striptease and lap dance

Is a club atmosphere not exclusive enough for you and would you like a private striptease show, lap dance or both in the privacy of your hotel room? We make sure that you can enjoy this experience to the full. Always with your wishes in mind and without fear of contact. Your very private show.

Exclusive events

The most beautiful locations, the prettiest models, an evening full of sizzling eroticism and entertainment. This describes our Amorette Dinner & Date Events perfectly. We have already offered 4 elite events this year and look forward to presenting the next events to you soon.


Can’t get enough of the finer things in life and are a social butterfly who can be seen at every event? At Amorette International, you will find the right escort lady to enjoy the Dolce Vita with you to the fullest.

Sports accompaniment

Are you a keen sportsman? Golf, skiing, horse riding, diving, skydiving, jogging, fitness? Our models are not only beautiful and charming, but also very keen on sports. The ideal companion for any sporting event and as a training partner for a wide variety of sports.

Role-playing games

Do you love a kick and the extraordinary? Slip into a different role for once and live out your imagination without limits. Please let us know your wishes and we will turn them into reality together.

Amorette Dinner & Date

Amorette International – In a class of its own!

Are you looking for exciting adventures, the perfect dinner date or would you like a private meeting in your hotel room? Maybe even an overnight? The perfect travel companion for your next vacation? A charming model for your business meeting, an escort for a social event or all that and more? Then you’ve come to the right place.

With our premium arrangements we fulfill your every wish.

Discreet, competent and excellent.