Hello, my dears,

What you see is what you get! I have been producing my own advertising material since 2008 and still do.

Every new Amorette has a free shoot. To ensure that our portfolio is always contemporary and authentic, we regularly meet as a team in beautiful locations such as the Ketschauer Hof in Deidesheim and other leading hotels around the world.

Still in the middle of Castings, I have invited a very few applicants to meet me in Dusseldorf next week while our Amorette ladies attend our first small event in 2023.

Serenaand Eden are still available for meetings without travel cost on Wednesday, 8.2.2023! Get in touch, to make your date happen!

Lets meet & greet, shoot & film while having plenty fun with an authentic team. CU soon!

Cheers and with love, Andrea