“Dear Andrea, once again you beat me to it Emoji. I had sat down at the PC to write to you before noon and got distracted by the online news about what was happening in the Swiss banking world. Much more important: the super date with Eden! Eden really is an impressive, beautiful, self-confident young woman with perfect manners. I think the chemistry was just right. We had lively conversations and discussions, sometimes we had opposing opinions, but that only made the whole thing more exciting ;-). And we discovered things we had in common: an interest in design and interior decoration (I learned a lot about her profession and her work), a love of language and literature, enjoyment of good food and wine….She is a treasure! And I very much hope to see her again in the foreseeable future! Her skills in… Thank you for organizing our date so smoothly, as always. I wish you a very good week with lots of sunshine and good encounters! Best regards! M.”