VIP Invitation

Dear Player,

Andrea is my name, premium match making my game and the AGC is our premium playground.

You obviously have interest to join the AGC, so you are clearly a player. You live amongst the brilliant, wealthy and life is good.

Sudden events reminded us, how lucky we are, being able to enjoy playing outside again, but most of us prefer a much more private setting.

The AGC is our VIP lounge within the Amorette world. To be invited, we either know each other and have a fairplay kind of relationship or another VIP player introduced you personally.

You like a fast track? This requires the transfer of 2.500 EURO to our agency account to prove you are serious and you belong with us.

From here we focus on your personal well-being and your interests. Do you have any questions or do you have your private playbook ready? I can assure you it will feel 100% real. If you can't tell the difference between a girlfriend and an Amorette Girlfriendexperience, I've found the perfect companionship for you.

Some of our most famous ladies are only available to AGC members. I will spoil you with creative content in the form of videos, lots of image material and even more exciting events of all kinds.

You are not looking for an escort service but want to get to know the woman of your life? This option is also available in the AGC. After a personal interview, in which I get to know you and your wishes and ideas better, I will introduce you to selected women who have both feet on the ground and are looking for the right partner. Elite and at a high level.

Already this year, the first couples have found each other at an event designed for this purpose. More and more gentlemen are using our service. For this reason, we are currently redesigning the AGC so that we can do full justice to both areas.

I love surprising you again and again, even after many years. Most importantly, you can enjoy your time with us and take a break from your busy life.

Game ON,

Xoxo Andrea

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